Chimney Sweeps and Sweets

Not many people consider the Chimney in their home. But if we stop and think, doesn’t the chimney even hold significance as a child? Cuddled up by the fire, a book in hand. Snowflakes dancing in the light outside. Hearing the crackling of the wood, and feeling the warmth envelop your body. Something about those thoughts makes even the most jaded person feel at peace. When I think of a place to relax, that vision is what I go to most. As a child, we are unburdened by the responsibilities of adulthood. We never stop to think, “I wonder when the last time our chimney was cleaned”. Instead, children are too focused on how Santa could even fit down there! This is the difference between adulthood and children. As an adult, the invisible things that we would rather ignore, such as soot gathering up and potentially clogging the flue, have taken place of the invisible things that caused us to wonder. The magic of invisibility seems to fade into the anxiety that comes with the unknown. Left without answers, our minds can run to the most fascinating and terrifying places. If this is giving you the heebee jeebees, I implore you to study the world around you. Take in all the unknown. Face the anxiety that you have from the not-knowing, and commit yourself to learn. Taking those steps can lead us away from the chaos of adulthood, and into the calm that is innocence.

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