Flight of My Eyes

What attention does your energy bring? Reading someone and understanding who they are is a part of my process. When interviewing candidates, it is always difficult to find a suitable fit. What possible way do we determine the character of one’s self, in such a short period of time? I have often pondered on this. Cracking the code of personality and workmanship would surely represent a huge leap in the working class mentality. I think some already know the answer. But bringing that into a systematic form is impossible. Without an exorbitant amount of data, there are just too many variables in the process. What work for one will almost certainly not work the same for the others. The randomness of life ensures that.

As a hiring manager, I have always been given a script to go by. Some vague questions to get to know a person, along with instructions to go off track when permitted. What it amounts to is a shot-gun blast of questions hoping to nail a moving target inside each of us. We try and make things known as expectations, but how frequently does one stay the course? Even more troublesome, it seems that each course is different. Those tiny variations can lead to massive chasms of differences when left alone.

Make sure that each person is treated as a person. Each individual strength and weakness harnessed. Stay positive. Time will reveal all.


Out in the world today, I happened to notice the rain splashing on my windshield. I love watching as the drops crash into each other, leaving nothing in their place. Quickly though, another drop storms down, snatching up the emptiness so eagerly. Is the rain itself hungry? constantly jostling each other for position, coming in with almost a blind fury. Not so much a care in the world, no thought process, or order of operations. Just beautiful, violent randomness that only the forces of nature can have.

Imagery is powerful. I could spend an eternity going over one small, seemingly insignificant raindrop. Every time I look at it, I can see something new, something different that I hadn’t noticed before. That is, at it’s heart, how we should all appreciate the world around us. Stop and smell the roses. Stop and stare at them. Stop and think about everything that rose has to offer. Only then can you truly appreciate the rose for what it is. As they say, a rose would smell as sweet by any other name. The individuality though, cannot be replicated. Each glistening petal, slightly different from the last, showing us that the randomness of this world, might just have some order to it after all.